Not so Mini, Mini Tour 2

Way back in 2016, we first loaded up our cars and took to the road for our first official tour. Despite it only being two days and us getting totally screwed over but the person who set it up, we have been longing to get back out there with some more dates and some more stuff to show to the UK. Well, we did it again....for two more days, but we got to experience so much more. 


On first going out there and getting our teeth into somewhere other than Essex/London, we knew no one and had the opportunity to build some bridges. Some have fallen and washed down the rivers of history and some have become stronger than ever but with this time around, we had experience and more energy, playing our first gig outside of England.


A key point to take from this time around; we need a van to fit us all in and circulate who drives. The 800 miles or so for this one was not good on any of the three of us who drove and really gave even the youngest car in the fleet a kicking. 


Countless pints of coffee, juice and (when not driving) beers. Some of the best food motorway service stations, vending machines and a Travelodge had to offer and priceless memories, adventures, stories with some of the greatest people I have ever worked with who I am proud to call band mates and family and some very dedicated fans.

It’s not easy; it’s stressful, hellish, mentally and physically taxing, nauseating and dripping with adrenaline. We wouldnt change any of that for the world, it would be nice to get some more money for it but We spend every other waking moment making money to fuel this and even if it would be the biggest dream to make money from this so we can focus soully on this, that will come and right now it’s to remain some of our greatest works, journeys and tales and that is what matters overall.

This is what life should and is about; the people you meet, stand along side, love for, scream for, cry and endure for.

This is what makes things worth carrying on for. 😁