New Music


We've made it no secret at all that we’ve been busy working on some new music. 
If you’ve been to one of our gigs in the last few months or so, chances are you’ve heard it live before anyone else.


For those of you that have listened to us explain the entire concept behind our first instalment of the RTV conceptual narrative, you’ll know that our EP Obsolescence is the first chapter of an eventual Album chronicling the sterilisation of all civilisation as we know it and it’s eventual painful rebirth to endlessly repeat itself into forever

It has taken many talks, much discussing with some sprinklings of segueing but we have dates to start the first stage of recording the full debut album, we have a name for it and talks have began into the artwork.

Over many pints in a pub garden in Luton we came up with the game plan to split recording into two parts; locking in tracks to original EP to continue the whole story and the final part will round everything off and complete the story, rounding it off to its circular conclusion.

We have made time in July to kick all of this off and get hand to fret board, feet to kick drums and face to microphone which we are all unquestionably excited and for some slightly nervous about.

The question we’ve been asked a lot is why? Why put it down into two parts and the answer is very simple; time, money, geographically differences, money and getting organised to return with the almost endless knowledge and skills of Dan Kerr of Avenue Studios....oh and money, didn’t know if we mentioned that?

We’ve also chosen to stay with the artistic styles and incredible talents of Caelan Stokkermans who did Obsolescence, who’s work speaks for itself really.

The ball is rolling and it keeps getting bigger!!

Raze The Void

An eclectic coupling of thunderously complex rhythm sections, working effortlessly along side dynamically soaring brutal vocals and lead guitars.