Aspirations for 2018

A new year. With it comes new opportunities.


2017 was a blinder of a year for us as a band, the highlight of which was rather obviously playing Bloodstock. We’re determined to grab 2018 by the bollocks and take all we can from it.

The original plans for the year were to finish writing the rest of the concept album and subsequently record it, ending the first chapter of the dystopian narrative.

To be fair this is still going to happen, everything will get finished off - we’ve just changed our minds about some things and mixed stuff up. 

Playing live is our lifeblood - our bread and butter - and we’re expanding our horizons a bit. We’ve got a calendar full of Gig dates at some amazing venues, some of which we have never played before.

Alongside gigging, we’ve decided to get involved in another Battle-Of-The-Bands style contest to get onboard with another festival. Why? Because why the fuck not? M2TM Hitchin was an incredible experience and it’s opened up some amazing new avenues for us as a band. Why not try do the same with a different crowd?

The plan is simple:  Spread the RTV love, play tons of gigs, and keep writing.

On the topic of the Album itself - there’s a fair bit of work still to be done before we start recording. The organisation of the album itself and the creation and introduction of new sounds (that may or may not have something vaguely to do with obscure tribal instrumentation) are still in the discussion phase. It’s incredibly important for us that the album’s story and lyrical vision align with Obsolescence and more importantly, the main narrative concept.

We’re planning on enhancing and diversifying our live performances also.

RJ is contemplating introducing some Effects Pedals to “fancify the whole vocal experience” - bringing some of the effects used in recording the EP to the live stage.

Joe is researching a replacement Cab, and Alex’s preoccupation with kit acquisition syndrome is ongoing. 

There’s plenty planned for RTV in 2018 and it’s only January. As I write this, we already have six tour dates confirmed, and several scheduled writing sessions booked. Watch this space.

Raze The Void

An eclectic coupling of thunderously complex rhythm sections, working effortlessly along side dynamically soaring brutal vocals and lead guitars.